Enroll in our Spanish Immersion Program consisting of 45 contact hour course covering the complete academic quarterly period.

The Spanish Immersion Program covers different levels of language proficiency. Develop basic Spanish language proficiency in a short span of time through a culturally relevant learning immersion experience:

          ✓ Introductory Spanish
          ✓ Low Beginner Spanish
          ✓ High Beginner Spanish
          ✓ Intermediate Spanish

The content of each individual language course will also get you acquainted with three perspectives of Costa Rica’s national identity: Community and Culture, Biodiversity, History, Democracy and Politics.

Each language course covers 45 contact hours corresponding to 3 US credits or 8 ECTS, through 3 hourly lessons per week. Each course will also cover aspects relevant to the student’s intercultural experience in Costa Rica, learning about the country’s community and culture, sustainability model and biodiversity, it´s history and democratic and political life. Also available 30 contact hour individualized or pair tutorships.

According to their proficiency level, students will be recommended enrollment in any of our entry level courses; individual one on one tutorials and individual advanced Spanish lessons also available.

Spanish Immersion Courses:
*3 US credits or 6 ECTS, 45 hours
Individual or Two-Person Spanish Immersion Tutorship:
*2 US credits or 4 ECTS, 30 hours
Two Person Spanish Tutorship:
*Applicable for student pairs who enroll tutorships together

Learn or better your Spanish language competencies through a top-quality language course and immersive cultural experiences.

For more information on our Spanish Immersion Program and if you wish to enroll, please write to: [email protected]